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What Browser should I use?

For the best web browsing experience, it is strongly suggested that you load the latest version of Google Chrome before beginning your entry/nomination. Internet Explorer is supported from version 9 and above, but version 11 is recommended. Safari 4 and above is supported, but version 5 is recommended. And Firefox 20 and above are supported but, version 32 is recommended.

Which categories use online submission forms?

ALL CATEGORIES WILL USE ONLINE PAPERWORK SUBMISSION. Only certain categories will allow upload for viewing. Special Venue and TV Longform categories will stay with their traditional required DVD submissions. Although Feature Films do not require video submissions, it is strongly urged that you submit at least two copies of the film on DVD if it is available. 

Can I make changes and corrections to my submission after I submit it?

Yes. You may revisit and update any submission forms until the MPSE office closes the paperwork due to the time needed to prepare and print the programs. This date will be after nominations are announced. 

Where can I contact the MPSE awards panel for questions?

You can send an email to: awards@mpse.org


Where are videos stored?

Videos are stored on a secure Amazon Cloud service, using their proprietary streaming and conversion technology for videos.

What about copy protection?

In order to upload a video, the submitter must sign a digital statement that they have received permission from the copyright owner to upload the video to our secure server. Although we feel that this system is 100% safe, the MPSE cannot be held resposible for any illegal distribution of uploaded files. If you believe that an uploaded video is in violation, please contact the MPSE office and we will honor any request by removing the video immediately

If you are unable to secure copyright clearance, you must submit DVD copies only. The person submitting may choose "Streaming Only" when uploading. This means that no judge will be able to download the complete content.     

Do submitters have to use Streaming?


What if I want the judges want to view it offline ?

It is recommended that the submitter allow downloading in addition to streaming if the copyright owner will allow it. This will make it easier for judges, as well as easier for preparing the video clips shown during the awards show.

Audio and Video

What video format should I use for uploading ?

The MPSE submission website will accept many forms of video. For the streaming format it will get converted to 480p H264 video with 256kbit audio.  For the downloadable version, it will let the user download the same version you uploaded. To ensure it's viewable across all platforms we recommend:

  • On mac OSX:  Quicktime Player 10 export "720p"
  • On mac OSX: MPEG Streamclip, set to Quicktime H264, 8000kbit, 720p (1280x720), de-interlacing off, AAC audio at 256kbit
  • On PC: output to an MP4, H264, 8000kbit, 720p (1280x720), de-interlacing off, AAC audio at 256kbit
  • At this time it is not recommended to upload a 5.1 version due to various platform playback.
  • Submission on Youtube and Vimeo is permitted as well. Check copyright(!), and ensure it's uploaded at least to 720p quality.

What Audio Quality should submitters use?

Our recommendation is to use at least 112kbit per channel (= 224kbit for stereo and 672kbit for 5.1). If possible we recommend raw PCM for encoding. 

What is the playback quality of the audio streaming?

The audio stream is at 256 Kbps or more, which is roughly similar to Apple “Hi Definition” audio.

What is the picture quality on streamed material ?

Picture is streamed as 480p, or similar to current DVD standard. The system can accept many types of video, including H.264, which can be encoded to have very high video quality. 

Can I submit 5.1 audio?

We recommend that anyone submitting who wishes to have their audio heard in 5.1 should choose to submit DVD only. Although the system can support videos encoded with 5.1, there is no standard for channel alignment, and the judges may not all be able to view 5.1 from their computers.